We are excited to bring such an innovative solution for such a common problem to market.  We’re looking for feedback from our customers on how the gate brace and it’s adjustabilty has helped them.

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4.8 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 9 reviews.

It Works Perfectly

Hi Levi, The True Latch arrived and Gordon installed it yesterday. It works perfectly and we can’t thank you enough. Anyone who sees it I will direct to your website. Thank you again and Grace be with you and your family today. We love you, Lord Jesus. You always take such good care of us. Gordon and Donnali
- Gordon and Donnali

True latch is great!

We have several gates on our property with the True Latch system. They are so easy to adjust. It literally takes a minute to adjust them if they aren't opening easily. Thank you!
- Nicole D.

Happy Customer

Levi installed a couple True Latch systems on a rental property gate. I am very pleased with the quality, promptness, and price from A Better Fence Co. I will definitely use them in the future. Thanks again Levi!
- B-Tec Properties

Big gate

Loved how easy it was to install. Levi delivered the braces, informed me how and where to place. I put them in. My gate is 13 ft long, 1.5 inch square tubing. With ceder pickets. The gate weighs close to 200lbs. It lifted and is holding it fine!
- Mark

Perfect solution to sagging gates

I have new gates that are extra-wide to accommodate an RV. Within a few weeks they were noticeably sagging. I installed True Latch braces on both sides and problem is solved! I just noticed the personnel gate on the other side of the house is sagging, too, so I just ordered another one. Thanks for a great product.
- Howard Wilson

Perfect Fix!

This gate brace is brilliant!! Just installed it on one gate, that now closes and latches perfectly. Will soon install another one on our second gate. This is a genius but simple product. Thanks so much!
- Lance C.

A Truly Great product.

I installed True Latch on my old sagging dragging fence gate today and I could not be happier. Easy to install and now my gate closes perfectly. Wish I had known about it years ago. Thanks for a great product. David Capshaw Calera, Oklahoma.
- David Capshaw

Five Infuriating Years OVER

I spent FIVE frustrating years trying to keep my gate from dragging on the ground and not latching. Pool access beyond the gate was causing us concern and putting us at risk. NOT ANY MORE! True latch fixed it for good! Now the gate closes and locks first time every time. Thank you to latch a truly Ingenious product. 5 *****
- Wayne

Solved the sag!

Worked great. Had to install it a little differently than the instructions say because my gate is so tall, and it worked great. Don't have to worry about the gate not shutting and the dog getting out anymore. And the price is really reasonable. Thanks!
- Ed Hoffman

- Win



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