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True Latch 8' Telescopic Gate Brace

The 8' Telescopic version will extend from 52" to 96".  (The shortest you can make it is 52" inches and the longest you can make it is 96" inches long).  

It is a Gate Hardware Kit for Outdoor Yard Wooden Fence Gates.  Our patented USA made brace is designed for wooden privacy fence gates.  It is the perfect anti-sag gate kit that you can bolt onto your gate without rebuilding your gate.
The 8' Telescopic version is currently the most popular version.  It will fit the majority of typical wooden fence gates.  
  • ⏱️FAST EASY ADJUSTMENTS WITHOUT POWER TOOLS: Fast and easy adjustments to your gate anytime you need. Zero power tools required for your future gate adjustments and lifting. All you need is a few turns of the wrench. Yet, so strong, it lifts and supports the heaviest of residential gates. Fix your sagging privacy fence door problems permanently with the swift sag reversing, gate stiffening True Latch gate brace. Just bolt on our wooden gate PRO contractor kit and begin lifting in seconds.
  • 🛠️QUICK INSTALLATION: You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to install. Our American made gate brace installs in adjust a gate in seconds. Why spend hours rebuilding a gate with an adjustable gate frame kit? Needed tools list options: Very bare items needed: Plain wrench, or adjustable wrench and hammer to tap and start screws against the wood. Better: Plain wrench, ratcheting socket wrench, and socket. Best: Plain wrench, cordless impact driver or drill, socket adapter, and socket.
  • 💪DESIGNED BY FENCE PROS FOR THE DIY HOMEOWNER: Never spend money on expensive service calls by a handyman or fence contractor again. You become the fence PRO with our simple wood fence gate kit. Lift even your heaviest residential gates. Forget the wooden diagonal or the gate wheel that needs level ground; use a PRO designed brace for your outdoor yard gates that reverses sag as you need it. The solid steel construction offers superior gate support compared to stainless steel turnbuckle kits.
  • SAVE 💵MONEY💵 WITH A REAL FIX TO YOUR SAGGING GATE: The best solution to adjust a gate, by lifting, straightening and solidifying it. No other wooden gate hardware is as easy to install, adjust, and money saving. Avoid disappoint from flimsy wire cable turnbuckle kits that warp your gate. And, why try a gate building kit, making you build a new fence door from scratch? And, rather than a gate caster, install our solid, powder coated True Latch gate brace to stiffen and lift your dragging gate.
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Easy To Install

We hear this over and over. "Easy to Install" is the #1 comment mentioned by all our hero homeowners.

Only 7 Screws to Install:7 screws and your done with your anti-sag gate kit install.

Easy To Adjust

Nearly Tool-less gate adjustments:All you need is an adjustable wrench or 3/4″ open end wrench. No fussing with power tools, bits, nut drivers, and other tools to solve gate sagging.

Precision adjustments:Dial-in your wood privacy gates perfect height with precise, stainless steel threading on our patented fence gate hardware kit.

Super Duty Screws

We upgraded our fence kit with some of the HARDEST and baddest screws available. Now it's virtually impossible with 1/4" thick, zinc screws to shear off, even in the hardest dried woods. And, the flanged hex heads drive with ease.

Thick Steel

Heavy Duty Steel: The commercial grade, 16 gauge thick, all steel, metal gate brace is a gate stabilizer that will strengthen and stiffen your whole gate.

True Latch Gate Brace image of the adjustable threads and top bracket.
Stainless Steel Threads

Our metal cross brace lifts by thick, 304 stainless steel ½” inch threads. With over 3.5”+ inches of travel.

Premium Paint

Zirconium Pre-Paint Wash: With a modernized, pre cleaning process with Zirconium, you get extreme powder coating paint adhesion over the common phosphate based pre wash. Surpasses ASTM paint scratch cross hatch tests by 2x the number of scratch passes.

Made in USA

US Based Experienced & Expert Support

With a Certified Fence
Contractor on Staff